Different Types of Window Valances

Window valances add a unique look to the window and the room. Depending on the style and desired look for the room and window, valances can be grouped into 4 types.

Scarf Valances

Valances can be added to another window covering to bring attention to the window. Scarf valances typically are a fabric covering which is draped from one end of the valance rod to the other with the middle draping down from the rod.

Curtain Valances

The typical valance that is installed on windows is the curtain valance. Often this type is installed in front of the curtains using a separate rod. Designs include the curtain, scalloped or layered look

Cornice Valances

These are solid valances, usually made of a lightweight material such as plastic. Cornice valances installed onto the wall using brackets and braces. Typically these pieces cover the top of the window curtain rods or blinds.

Custom Valances

These valances can be custom designed and made to create a desired look that production coverings do not provide. While valances can be made of the same material as the draperies or curtains, a different pattern or fabric can be used to add to the overall look.