Different Varieties of Dill Explained

For many centuries, Dill has been one of the most popular culinary herbs. This herb is part of the carrot family, and is valued for its pungent seeds and flavourful foliage. Different types of dill are available, which can be grown in home gardens.


This type of dill is also called tetra dill and is mainly grown for its rich foliage which makes it ideal for salads. The seeds of dukat are perfect for seasoning different condiments.


This is a unique type of dill that grows only about 18 inches high and therefore does not require staking. Fernleaf dill looks wonderful in flower arrangements and can be planted in containers.

Long Island

This is one of the most popular types of dill, also known as mammoth dill. This can grow up to 5 feet tall, and thrives in full sun. It's decorative and delicious, which makes it essential in pickling. Its seeds and leaves can be used dried or fresh in salads, vinegars, breads, stews and sauces.


This type of dill was introduced in 1997. Due to its uniformly straight and tall stems, harvesting it is easy. This type of dill supposedly has more essential oil than dukat.


This is the most commonly grown type of dill. It has dark-blue green foliage that is aromatic and sprinkled on different food. The big seed heads also make it perfect for pickling.