Different Varieties of Parsley Explained

Parsley is one of the most common herbs used for flavouring food. This herb is also known to have medicinal properties, which made it popular in traditional Greek and Ayurvedic medicine. There are different types of parsley available, all of which have different uses.

Italian Parsley

This type of parsley has flat leaves and is said to contain more essential oils than any other type of parsley. The oils contribute to the wonderful flavour that Italian parsley gives out. This is not a spicy or overbearing flavour, but a fresh green flavour. The flat leaves make Italian parsley easy to chop and a popular garnishing in soups, salads, vegetables, beef and chicken.

Curly Leaved Parsley

Also known as petroselinum crispum, this is another widely grown type of parsley which is used for seasoning and garnishing foods. This herb is also known for its production of essential oil. Curly leaved parsley is used as a garnish on different dishes.

Hamburg Root Parsley

This is the least common type of parsley. Hamburg root parsley is mainly cultivated for its thicker roots, rather than the leaves. This parsley is very common in Eastern and Central European cuisine.