Different Varieties of Peach Trees Explained Different Varieties of Peach Trees Explained

There are more than 100 varieties of peach trees that vary in size, color of peaches and whether they are “freestone” or “clingstone” variety. Flesh of the varying peach trees range from white to yellow, and freestone varieties are generally used for eating fresh while clingstone peaches are most commonly used for canning.

Common Peach Varieties

Some of the most common freestone varieties are the Elegant Lady and O-Henry peaches. Popular early producing varieties are Harbinger and Sun Haven. Some late season varieties that are commonly grown are Madison, Red Gold and Belle of Georgia.

The largest peach growing areas in the United States are California, Georgia and Virginia. They grow a large portion of the peaches in the US for commercial production, but several other northern and southern states have a sizable peach production. If you are looking to plant peaches in your yard, check with your local nursery to determine which variety would grow best in your climate and soil.

Because many peach varieties require a long, hot growing season, it is important to purchase a peach tree that is suited very specifically for your growing conditions. If you live in a cooler climate, you will generally have to purchase hybrid trees that are capable of ripening their fruit without as much sun and heat.



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