Digital Deep Fryer

Usually costing well under $100 for a quality unit, a digital deep fryer provides a convenient means of quickly frying up a wide assortment of foods like chicken, shrimp, potatoes or fish. Equipped with several electronic components, operation is often a matter of one touch. Digital fryers take all of the guesswork out of using such an appliance by combining various components that allow the unit to operate with precision. Not only that, but home deep fryers are fully self contained and don't make a big mess by splattering oil everywhere.

Digital Components

Digital deep fryers offer a number of electronic features, such as an automated timer with audible alarm when the food is ready and all electronic controls. The thermostat is fully adjustable, allowing for a range of different temperatures. Digital models usually feature one or more LEDs that indicate when the power is on or when the oil is ready for cooking. Select advanced deep fryers may even feature preprogrammed menu options that automatically set the temperature and the time. 

Other Features

Deep fryers come with several removable, cleanable components, including the immersible heating element, fry basket and stainless steel or enamel-coated oil reservoir. Other units include a detachable control panel, making it easy to wipe down any grease on the outside of the appliance. An odor filter, breakaway safety cord and oil drain are other common features of a digital deep fryer.