Digital vs Analog Volt Meters Digital vs Analog Volt Meters

Both digital and analog volt meters measure voltage levels. However, in today’s computerized world, digital meters have been slightly more popular than analog volt meters. The analog volt meter has a needle that moves to show the voltage level that is listed on the pre-printed screen behind the needle. A digital volt meter, on the other hand, has an electronic LCD screen that shows the level of voltage. Here is a comparison of the two types and situations when one is more advantageous than the other.

Level of Accuracy of Volt Meters

A digital volt meter is easy to read because the numbers are all shown lighted up on the LCD screen. An analog meter’s needle points to the numbers, and it is sometimes hard to figure out which number it is indicating.

Voltage Changes

If the voltage amount changes, it is much easier to see this happen on a digital volt meter because the numbers are clear and it is easy to determine the difference. An analog volt meter is harder to read because you have to notice the needle position changing.

Setting a Scale Level

If you use an analog meter you have to first set it up using a scale. A digital meter does this by itself, and you don’t need to know how to set it up.

All in all, both types of volt meters have a purpose, but the digital version is easier and more accurate to use.

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