Dinette Chairs

Dinette chairs are part of what is called in furniture terms a dinette set. A dinette set is usually a small table, smaller than a larger dining table, almost always comprised of the table and two to four dinette chairs. Dinette chairs come in the widest varieties imaginable.

Types and Styles of Dinette Chairs

Dinette chairs come in as many styles as there are in furniture. Traditional, contemporary, retro, modern, deco, French, bistro, Louis 14th, Captain’s chairs, Bridgeport, teak, Scottsboro, the list is practically endless. They can come in wood, tubular steel, wicker, upholstered, iron, woven straw seats, woven vinyl, square backed, round, two-tone, cottage and many other materials and with other options. 

Dinette chairs are both indoor and outdoor. Outdoor dinette chairs tend to be made of metal, though some outdoor dinette chairs are made of wood, and are either painted, preserved, or allowed to weather. Dinette chairs most often come four to a set, though two to a set is common as well.