Dining Room Designs that Make you Come Back for Seconds Dining Room Designs that Make you Come Back for Seconds

The main purpose of a dining room, regardless of size or style, is to make visitors and family members want to keep coming back for fun times and shared meals. Creating a fabulous dining room that is inviting and welcoming is a great way to get started with this goal. Here are a few unique and interesting dining room designs that will make you want to eat just about anything served.

Southwestern style: A cool and spacious dining room designed in a wrought iron and turquoise décor is a welcoming way to serve any meal. Add a touch of warmth with wood furniture, and personalize the room with interesting and creative touches of color throughout. For that spicy something that every Southwestern style room needs, consider red linens or dinnerware, or add some red in a great rug or cushion design. That way, the room has the perfect balance of cool and warm to feel like home for everyone.

Comfort-based palette: Choose furniture that offers a warm and inviting feel, such as great finished wood pieces or wrought iron with a vine design. Artwork can be a fabulous way to feature warmth, with bright and colorful wall art that lures visitors, guests, friends, and family members into the dining room. A warm and cozy dining room will make anyone want to sit down and share a great meal.

Natural light enhancement: The more natural light that is in the room, the warmer and cozier the room will feel. If you are going for a cool contemporary design, warm up the dining room and make it feel more inviting with lots of natural light. Dining rooms with few or no natural light sources can be attractive with mirrors and light bulbs that mimic and maximize natural light. Natural light is a great way to stimulate appetites, since it creates a much more relaxing environment.

Contemporary appeal: Adding a contemporary wall art, such as something modern or abstract, can be a great way to gather everyone in the dining room. With a beautifully set table and contemporary artwork as focal points, everyone will be ready to sit and enjoy. Even if your dining room is small, making sure that it is beautiful and stylish is a great way to stimulate appetite and bring people together.

Putting it all Together: Sometimes, the best way to create an appealing space is to appeal to peoples’ senses. The room will already smell wonderful with the aromas of the prepared meal, but you can add an extra layer of inviting ambiance by combining the aroma of home with the feeling of home. Use texture and color to create a room that appeals to your family, based on interests, favorite trips and other shared experiences. Taking everyone back to a common root by displaying beautiful ceramic plates that you found together in Tuscany, for example, is a great way to start a conversation and it can also be an excellent way to get everyone to the table.
Veronica Smith, a contributing writer and designer for AmericanArtisanArt.com, offers tips on displaying contemporary metal wall hangings and metal wall art sculptures.

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