Dinner Party Theme Ideas

If you'll soon be hosting a dinner party, you should familiarize yourself with a few popular party theme ideas. Although organizing a theme-based dinner party may seem a bit cumbersome, there are a number of themes that are very simple to pull off and ensure that a good time will be had by all in attendance. Below is a list of easy-to-execute dinner party theme ideas.

Dog-Themed Dinner Parties

These days, dog-themed parties are becoming increasingly popular, and dinner parties are no exception. While you needn't specifically invite people who own dogs to this type of dinner party, make sure to encourage your friends and family members to bring their pooches to this manner of gathering. If you're a stickler for a clean house, you may want to lay a tarp down in any areas of your home that will be occupied by your canine guests. Before serving dinner, you can allow the dogs and their owners to mingle in your yard, making sure to keep a close eye out for any dogs that go to the bathroom. The primary downside to this type of party is the fact that it is considered customary for the host to take care of any yard-based waste.

When it comes to entrees, simple backyard barbecue fare like hamburgers and hot dogs are ideal, as they can be enjoyed by both human and animal guests. Alternatively, you can serve the dogs a special blend of homemade dog food, the recipes for which can easily be found online. While indoor dog parties have become fairly common, you may want to have your guests dine outdoors if you have a particularly large turnout.

Vegetarian-Themed Dinner Parties

As the country is rapidly becoming more health conscious, vegetarian-themed dinner parties are fast becoming one of the most widely utilized dinner party theme ideas. In addition to broadening the culinary horizons of your friends and family members, this type of party is a fantastic way to turn your guests on to the healthy eating. So, instead of just serving the typical salads and veggie trays people have come to expect from such gatherings, try preparing some lesser known vegetarian entrees, such as spicy tofu soup, vegetable curry or eggplant stew. Any friends or family members who happen to be vegetarians are sure to appreciate the effort, as will any guests who previously held misconceptions regarding meatless diets.

Organic Food-Themed Dinner Parties

Organic food-themed dinner parties are one of the best dinner party theme ideas for opening guests up to healthy eating. The best thing about this type of party is the fact that you won't have to go out of your way to prepare a great meal. Basic entrees and sides, such as salads, pot roasts, steaks or mixed vegetables should, suffice-provided, of course, said dishes are made from organic meat and veggies. Your friends and family members will be amazed at much better seemingly mundane dishes taste when they've been prepared with organic ingredients as opposed to the heavily processed meats and vegetables to which they've grown accustomed. The obvious downside to this type of party is the somewhat high cost of organic food.

The next time you're at a loss for dinner party theme ideas, just remember the previously discussed themes and you'll be able to throw an easy-to-organize, enjoyable gathering.