Disadvantages of Preformed Concrete Steps Disadvantages of Preformed Concrete Steps

When it comes to Preformed Concrete Steps, there are a few things that you may want to consider before adding them to your home. Whether you are fixing up for yourself, or trying to sell, you need to think about both the advantages and disadvantages. Here are some reasons why preformed concrete steps aren't always the best route to take.


While they aren't difficult to install, they can be hard to repair if something happens to them. Because the whole step is concrete, if there is a crack, it may continue to crack throughout the entire step. This causes you to have to completely replace it, rather than being able to make small repairs.

Safety Measures

While railings are extremely important when it comes to most stairways, and are also required in many cities or towns, they aren't always possible when it comes to preformed concrete steps. If you need railings, you may need to attach directly to the wall, as these steps cannot always hold the weight.


Another disadvantage to preformed concrete steps is the danger that they present from being uneven. Many times when they are installed, they are set on sand or soil. Because of this, the steps sink down in some spots and become uneven and dangerous to walk on.

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