Dividing and Propagating Canna Bulbs

After the beautiful blooms from the summer growing season, Canna bulbs will need to be divided before they are stored for the winter months.

Die Back

After the blooming season you will usually see some die back of the leaves. This is basically the leaves whithering and drawing back. Once this happens you can dig up the Canna bulbs.

Dig Up Bulbs

Place your garden trowel under the bulb and press upwards to pry the bulb out of the ground. You will also notice that there are other bulbs attached. These must come up too.

Cut Away Each Bulb

Once you have them out of the ground, the bulbs (or rhizomes) can then be shaken of all the soil. Use some scissors and cut apart the roots to separate each rhizome.

Replant Or Store

After finished with the division of the Canna bulbs you need to propagate them in pots or replant them for more divisions. According to the depth of soil that they were in before the division, plant them at the same depth. Keep them so that the eye of the bulb is facing upwards. Water and fertilize the bulb and then cover over with soil.

If you are in the northern areas, you will need to store them until the spring when you can replant them. Once you plant them, the Canna bulbs will produce three to five more bulbs.