Dividing Your Daisies

Divide your daisies once every 2 or 3 years in order to maintain strength and keep the plant healthy. Dividing perennial plants allows them to become 2 or more separate units. These individual plants can then produce a stronger and more efficient rooting system than it would as a single mass.

When to Divide Daisies

The best time to divide daisies is in early fall, when the plant is not in a growing stage and has not become completely dormant. You may begin dividing one the plant has completely stopped blooming and the entire mass of daisy petals has fallen to the ground.

Note: If you’re growing a Shasta Daisy, it is best to begin the division process in early spring after the last frost of winter.

How to Divide Daisies

Acquire a sharp shovel, gardening gloves and a sharp knife to aid in the division process. Underground, daisies produce a large mass of entangled roots. You may decide to dig out and remove the entire plant before dividing. Alternatively, you can dig up one side of the plant and use your knife to separate the mass into several individuals.