DIY Bamboo Floor Vents

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Glue gun
Bound bamboo
Utility knife

A unique feature that will add some character to any room are bamboo floor vents. You can replace the ordinary, tired looking metal vents with your own custom made bamboo floor vents with a few simple tools and steps. One of the things to remember about working with bamboo is that the material is very hard. You will need to use sharp utensils in order to cut through it much more efficiently. That means safety gear is very important. Safety glasses, a long sleeved shirt, and gloves should be worn when cutting bamboo. With that said, here are some steps to take to dress up your metal vent to look like a bamboo floor vent.

Step 1 - Measure Vent Cover

Using a tape measure, write down the dimensions of the vent cover that you are going to need for your new bamboo floor vent. You will want to make this as precise as you can so that you do not have any issues with bamboo being too long or too short.

Step 2 - Mark Bamboo Sheet

The bound bamboo is a great way to add a little bit of bamboo to your home without spending a lot for it. It is also very easy to work with for smaller projects like a floor vents. Using the measurements that you took from the floor vent, you can transfer them onto the bamboo. Use a dark marker, or something that you can see clearly while making your cut. In the center of the bamboo, cut out 1/8 inch sections that resemble the fins on the vent. This is where the air will pass through.

Step 3 - Cut Out Vent

Place the bound bamboo on a flat surface and clear away anything that will interfere with your cutting. Start at one corner of the bamboo and start cutting out the shape of the vent with the utility knife. Remember to use safety equipment during this process and to cut away from your body. 

Step 4 - Reinforce Threads

When you cut the bamboo there is going to be some integrity loss as you cut through some of the threads that bind the bamboo together. You can easily fix this with a little bit of hot glue. Warm up the glue gun and then run it along the areas where the thread has been cut. This will adhere the threads back to together and also form a protective cover over them.

Step 5 - Position on Vent

Take the floor vent out of the hole by unscrewing the two screws on each side of it. Set it on a work table and clean off the top side. One one side of the bamboo that you cut out place a dab of hot glue in each of the corners. As the glue is still wet, turn over the bamboo and place it on the vent. 

Step 6 - Set in New Bamboo Floor Vent

After the hot glue has a chance to dry, you can then replace the vent back into the hole. Secure it with the screws that you removed. You will not have a great looking vent without a lot of expense or time put into it.