DIY Basic Bamboo Roman Shades

Roman shades.
What You'll Need
Fabric and cotton lining
A good tape measure
Ring tape
Polyester cord
Metal dowel
Sewing machine
Staple gun
Metal screw eyes
Cord toggle
L brackets

Traditional bamboo roman shades are a simple, clean, natural-looking window treatment that lend a warm ambiance to any room and fit perfectly into almost any decor. The roman shade is simple, tailored, and made with very little fabric. It hangs from a mounting board that is installed inside or outside the window frame. When raised, the shade folds neatly into horizontal pleats, but lies flat against the window when lowered.

Step 1 - Construct the Mounting Board

You must first determine how the mounting board will be installed, as this will determine the amount of fabric you will need. If the mounting board is installed inside the window, the shade will lay closely against the windowpane and inside the frame. If installed outside of the window frame, the shade will cover the entire window opening and frame when lowered, and it will use additional fabric.

The mounting board should measure 1 inch thick, 2 inches deep and the length will be determined by the mounting shade. If you have chosen an inside mounting board, the measurement is the width between the side moldings. For an outside mounting board, measure the width between the outside edges of the window frame. Cut the mounting board and cover it with fabric, lining, or you may choose to paint or stain it.

Once the mounting board is dry, install metal screw eyes every 12 inches along the underside of the board. Place the outer rings roughly ½ inch from each end of the board. The rings must match up perfectly with the rows of rings that will be sewn along the backside of the shade.

Step 2 - Begin the Drapes and the Shades

Cut the lining and fabric according to measurement and stitch the top side of it while the edges are pinned. The bottom seam should also be stitched together but make sure to leave a turning hole. Press and stitch again afterward. The bottom part should be raised up to 2 inches and then pressed again. Use a ring tape to pin the back shades side by side vertically. Be sure to stitch the casing ends.

Step 3 - Attach the Shade to the Mounting Board

Use a staple gun to attach the shade to the mounting board, letting the shade hang over the board. After attaching the finished shade to the mounting board install the mounting board with “L” brackets at the ends inside the window molding for an inside mount. To mount on the outside of the window, place the “L” brackets along the bottom of the mounting board and mount just above the window. Do not install the mounting board until after the finished shade is attached.

Step 4 - Install the Cord

Take a moment to decide where you will place the pull cord. Once you have made this decision, thread the cord through the vertical rings, threading it upwards. To check that your blinds fit together close and open them. If they don't match up properly, go back through each step to determine where corrections need to be made.