DIY Bathroom Tile Remodeling Tips

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An original tile design might be just what it takes to raise your bathroom remodel from good to great. Retiling might seem simple, but you should still mind these tips to get the best result possible.

Plan Ahead

Know in advance what you want the bathroom to look like once tiles have been installed. You don't want to waste time, money, or energy on such an important project.

Have a Plan

Read magazines and brochures at your local home improvement store before you begin. It is important to know exactly what kind of bath renovation you want. Plan the necessary supplies, types of tiles, and dimensions.

Types of Tiles

You can choose ceramic, stone, marble, and mosaic, just to name a few. Choose based on durability and practicality. If you are single or do not have children, marble and granite are great options. These materials are more expensive and require more maintenance. Ceramic tiles are more durable and easy to care for because they can be cleaned with simple bath cleaner or soap and water.

Patterns of Solids

Solids are great if you want a bathroom that can blend with all types of cabinets and other décor. They are also suitable when you want a polished ambiance for your bathroom. Almost all types of tile have various color and pattern options.


If you have a busy schedule, choose a tile that is easy to maintain. If you have kids who are in and out of the bathroom frequently, you want something simple. If you choose ornate tiles such granite or slate, you will have to clean them with special products. Decide in advance on how much time and effort you want to contribute to cleaning the bathroom.


Make sure you have a budget before you purchase tiles or hire a professional. If you are on a limited budget, ceramic tile is the best choice. If you have the funds and want to a bathroom that feels more like a day spa, choose granite, marble, or any stone material.