DIY Blackout Curtains

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Tailors marker/ Tailors chalk
Sewing machine/needle
Safety pins
Dark-colored thread
Curtain rods with installation kit

Blackout curtains are the best choice for those who want to control the amount of light that penetrates into the different rooms of their homes. These curtains are especially designed to ensure that rooms are dark all day and that any light from the outside is completely blocked from entering into the home. Ideal for use by people who work at night or who prefer sleeping in complete darkness regardless of the time of day, these curtains should be available for purchase at any home and gardening store. You can, however, make your own blackout curtain to save money and to make your curtains to be more personalized and tailored according to your taste and design preferences.

Step 1 – Take Measurements on the Windows

Measure the windows where the blackout curtains will go. For those who want the light outside to be completely blocked out, add two to three inches more to the measurement or as much as you would like for added coverage. Remember to leave allowance for where the curtain rods will fit through. Take down the measurements for future reference.

Step 2 – Shop for Fabric

Look around department stores for fabric that will best be used for the blackout curtains. The fabric can be black or close to that color, such as dark blue or dark brown. If you are shopping for curtains over the Internet, contact the online shop manager and inform them that you are looking for blackout curtains to get suggestions regarding which fabrics will work best for this purpose. Stay away from satin or silk curtains as these fabrics are too light to block out light completely. Go for cotton or wool with the highest thread count that the store can offer.

Step 3 – Measure, Cut and Sew the Fabric

Measure the fabric you purchased following the measurements you have taken on your windows. Cut and make the necessary adjustments so that the fabric will perfectly cover the entire opening of your windows. Using the measurements you previously took for where the curtain rods will go, fold one end of the fabric to at least 2 to 3 inches to make a seam. Fasten the folds with a safety pin. Start sewing. If you have no experience with sewing, you should ask a friend or family member to help you with this step.

Step 4 – Insert the Curtain Rod to the Curtain

Attach the curtain rod to your new blackout curtain by inserting it through the seam that you have just created.

Step 5 – Attach the Blackout Curtain to the Window

Hang the blackout curtain on the window. Be careful not to install the rods too high above the window or the curtains might not cover the bottom end of the window.

You may create designs on your blackout curtains if you want a more attractive window covering. The designs will not affect the light blocking properties of the curtains as long as you have chosen the right fabric.