DIY Car Battery Replacement Tips

If you decide to try car battery replacement yourself, do some research beforehand in order to become familiar with how car batteries differ and what exactly to look for when looking for your replacement battery.

Battery Size

Car batteries are sized in numbered groups, and it is necessary to find this out based on your vehicle type. Batteries labeled Size 75 are designed for cars made by GM, those that are Size 35 are designated for Toyota, and so forth. This information can usually be found in your owner’s manual. If it cannot be located there, most car battery retailers have reference guides for their customers to look this up. It is important that the battery fits snugly in your car’s battery tray, and the seller should allow you to check this fit before purchasing.

Battery Trademark Name

Most recent car models have a designated battery brand as well.  This should also be described in your owner’s manual. Try to purchase and install this exact brand if at all possible. These brands are often not the cheapest, but they are still recommended because a cheaper battery can easily lead to the added expense of reinstallation or repairs later on.