DIY Car Radio Removal

What You'll Need
Screwdriver correctly fitted to radio screws.
Old butter knife (optional)

Car radio removal has become an easy and straightforward undertaking, particularly with later models. Follow the simple steps below to effectively remove your car radio.

Step 1: Detach Casing

The first thing you will need to remove is the outer hard plastic casing from the front of the radio, also known as the faceplate. The edge of this faceplate is usually found just below the car’s air vents. Use the butter knife or a flat screwdriver at an angle to pry up the edge, and the clips that hold the radio in place should release fairly easily. You may have to apply some pressure if the casing seems difficult to move at first.

Step 2: Remove Holding Screws

Unscrew the screws that securely hold the radio, and be sure to hold the radio itself while doing this so that it simply does not fall out. Pull the radio out firmly but carefully; do not simply yank it out because this may damage the wires.

It is highly recommended to save the screws for your new radio or stereo when the time comes to install it. This is a safeguard against new screws that do not fit or are not included at all.