DIY: Cement Sidewalk Repair

What You'll Need
Caulking gun concrete crack filler
Cold chisel
Eye protection
Work Gloves
Knee Pads
Cones and rope, or a sign

If you are proud of your yard because it looks great, but your sidewalk just has so many cracks that is makes it look horrible, don’t worry,  it’s an easy fix. It is very easy to do it yourself and won’t put a hole in your pocket, depending on the damage. If it is just little cracks here and there, you could easily do it yourself. Of course, if it’s a bunch of huge cracks, then it would be best to get it professionally done. The best way to understand how the sidewalk got cracked in the first place is by looking at the control joints. They are the little lines between each set of concrete. A lot of different things affect them such as weather, water, and temperature.



Step-1 Cleaning the cracks

The first thing that needs to be done is cleaning out the cracks you are going to fill in and fix. You can use a water hose or any high pressure hose that can push all of the debris from the crack. Any pebbles, broken cement, or anything lodged in the crack can completely mess up any way of fixing the cracks to make it look good. You can also use a stiff brush to clean away and scrub the spot clean.


Step 2 - Put up a Barrier

It is always a good idea to put up a barrier, so pedestrians do not walk into wet cement and ruin their clothes, and the cement finish. Do this by placing the cones on all four corners of the work area and tying the rope to connect the four cones, making a barrier.


Step-3 Start cutting 

The crack you are going to be fixing needs to be cut into a V-shaped piece with your chisel and hammer so it can be properly fixed.


Step-4 Reclean

Make sure there were not any debris left behind by the chiseling and hammer and rescrub where the crack used to be.


Step-5 Sand

Fill the hole with sand if the hole is deeper than half an inch as to keep the cement level with the ground and the other part of the sidewalk.


Step-6 Mixing

Now for the fun part, which is mixing the cement into water and making it a good thick constitute so that it will stick well and be flush with the sidewalk.


Step-7 Water the area around the old crack

The area around the hole where you put the sand in needs to be hosed down to keep it good and moist until you needs to start on it.


Step-8 Cement mixture

Time to fill in the area with the cement mixture and make sure that is completely filled in. If there are a few cracks, use the cement caulking gun to clear them out and the putty knife you purchased to fill in the holes you may have missed.


Step-9 Filling

Make sure the cement is filled above the rim a little so it will settle.


Step-10 Finishing up

The next few things are vital. Scrape away the excess cement, and then wait 2 hours for it to dry. Come back to  spray it down, and then put a plastic wrap over it for 2 days, occasionally coming out to spray it back down.