DIY Ceramic Tile Maintanence Tips

Grey and white ceramic tiles
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100

Most DIY homeowners like to install ceramic tiles when revamping their bathrooms because of their durability, as well as their low cost. Ceramic tiles you can install yourself are also easy to care for after you have renovated your bathroom to give it a new and exciting appearance.

1. Lots of Choices

Ceramic tiles are available in a variety of colors and patterns from home improvement and specialty flooring stores. The can be purchased in several sizes and are fairly easy to install. You can opt to install them on your own or hire a professional if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself.

2. Simply Sweep

One of the best ways to keep ceramic tiles looking clean and polished is to keep them free from dirt. Whenever you see dust particles, dog hair, food or any other debris, sweep it up with a soft bristled hand broom.

3. Wet Mops

Another way to maintain ceramic floors is to use a wet string mop immersed in warm water in a pail with a gentle liquid floor cleaner. Be sure to wring the mop head of enough water so it doesn’t puddle on the floor when you remove it from the pail. If you do not want to use a floor cleaner you can opt for a mild dish detergent diluted with water. Mop the ceramic floors as soon as you notice a spill, tracked in dirt, or any other liquid mess.

4. Dust Mops

You can maintain your ceramic tiles on a daily basis with a regular soft handled dust mop. Run the mop over the floor daily to keep it free from food, dust, hair and other unwanted topical debris. The dust mop is easy and fast because you do not have to use water with it.

5. Scatter Rugs

To keep floors from becoming marked up or tracked with all things associated with the outdoors, think about placing throw rugs strategically where the ceramic tiles you installed yourself are visible. You can easily throw rugs into the wash when they become dirty, and in the meantime, they will protect ceramic flooring when they are down.

6. Sponge Mops

If you prefer a sponge mop over a string mop, use it with warm water and a mild cleaning agent like dish soap. Be sure to squeeze the sponge so the majority of the water has been removed.

7. Do Vacuum

You can also use an electric stick vacuum to clean up messes quickly and efficiently. Electric brooms or vacuums can typically pick up dry goods, and certain models can also vacuum up any liquid spills making them a convenient kitchen appliance.

8. Apply Clean Towels

ceramic tile floor

Whether you use a string mop or a sponge mop, always complete the task of cleaning the tiles you installed yourself with a clean, soft cloth to dry water marks. If you do not dry the water marks, they will leave unsightly spots on the ceramic tiles.

9. Spread Sealants

There are special sealants that can be purchased from any flooring or home improvement store you can apply to the ceramic tiles you installed. Sealing the tiles will help to keep dirt at a minimum, however, the floor will still need to be washed and maintained. Before purchasing a sealant contact the manufacturer of the tiles or the contractor to find out what would be best for your floor.