DIY Chisel Sharpening Tips DIY Chisel Sharpening Tips

Chisel sharpening is essential to keeping the tool safe and effective. The following article outlines the ways to sharpen a chisel.

Sharpening the Chisel Bevel Side Up

Use a magnifying glass to Inspect the edge of the chisel for any nicks. Use a medium grit wheel on a bench grinder to remove them. Hold the chisel with the beveled side facing up. Move the blade of the chisel against the wheel in side to side motions. It is important to keep the blade square with the bench grinder wheel.

Sharpening the Chisel Bevel Side Down

Turn the blade over and repeat the process, holding the tool at a twenty-five degree angle. Cool the blade between strokes by dipping it in cool water.

Finishing the Chisel

Apply a few drops of a light machine oil to a fine grit stone. Use the stone to finish sharpening the edge of the chisel. Hold the bevel of the blade so that it is flat against the sharpening stone. Move the blade toward you in a forceful and quick action. Lift the blade at the end. Use a clean cloth to wipe the bevel after about three strokes against the stone. Apply more oil to the stone. Turn the blade of the chisel so that the bevel is facing up. Move the blade of the chisel over the stone.

Inspecting the Chisel

Use your magnifying glass to inspect the sharpened blade. Continue sharpening if necessary.





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