DIY Christmas Lawn Decorations

A house with a large and intricate array of Christmas decorations outside it.

Christmas lawn decorations can be arranged in a host of different ways depending on your design goals and stylistic preferences. Remember, however, to follow a set theme of colors and patterns so the overall setup doesn't seem haphazard. Here are some tasteful ways to turn your outdoors into a haven for Santa!

Tip 1 — Christmas Door Wreath and Stockings

The first step in decorating your home's façade is to make the door look pretty. An easy way to do this is by making a Christmas wreath. Buy a wire wreath frame and floral wire from your local florist. Then, trim at least 10 inches of different kinds of greens, such as redwood, pine, or greens with berries attached to them. Tie a knot of the floral wire to the frame and start attaching the greens to the frame with it.

Simply unwind the wire as you go around the frame and have someone hold the bundles for you while you do this. You can add bows made out of satin ribbons, bells, cherries, or small bundles of flowers.

An alternative to a wreath is to hang faux stockings on the front door. Cut the shape of a stocking from cardboard; let it be at least 11 inches long and 8 inches wide. Paint the stockings either red or green and add white fur on top. You can even join two stocking-shaped pieces of cardboard together, leave the top open, and insert a piece of white chart paper in this gap, with a saying on it, such as “Merry Christmas!” or “Welcome!"

Tip 2 — Santa with Christmas Lights

Cut a 3-foot-long Santa from plywood using a jigsaw. Use a printed outline of Santa to get the shape right. Paint the structure white, except for the lips and cheeks, which should be red. Glue big, black buttons on for Santa’s eyes and add a hat and scarf to make it 3-D. Finally, attach fairy lights to Santa’s outline by gluing the wire to the wood (not to the hat or scarf). Put this structure in a prominent place and support it by placing rocks behind it.

Another option is to place it against a tree for better support. If you're happy with the way it turned out, you can try to create shapes of reindeer from the plywood or a sleigh for Santa. Use the fairy lights on your shrubs and trees as well.

Tip 3 — Creating the Gift Boxes

Gift boxes can be set under the Santa figure, on the front porch, or under a lit up tree. Make at least four of these and place them together so that they are noticeable. Use old shoe boxes and cover them with shiny wrapping paper. As mentioned earlier, stick with a color theme. Also, if you have incorporated stockings, let the boxes be red and green too. Put rocks or heavy weights within the gift boxes to keep them from moving.