DIY Embroidered Personalized Christmas Stockings

What You'll Need
Tension hoop
Washable fabric pen or pencil
Embroidery needle
Embroidery thread

One way of keeping Christmas tradition alive is by making personalized Christmas stockings. If you really want to jazz up your stockings, try adding some embroidery.

Step 1--Preparing to Make a Personalized Christmas Stocking

It is best to use felt or cotton to make your stockings. Cotton is especially good for embroidery; however, most any fabric can handle it. I encourage you to start this project early so that you have it finished in time to hang from the mantle to be admired with the rest of your holiday decorations.

Step 2--Cutting a Pattern for Your Personalized Christmas Stocking

If you are not very good with crafting and cutting patterns, use an existing stocking as a model for your personalized stocking. Fold your fabric in half, place it on top of a stocking and cut out the stocking shape. You should have two stocking shapes. Use a large sewing needle and embroidery thread to sew the two sides and bottom of the stocking together. It is a good idea to select a color of thread that matches your fabric.

Step 3--Decorate Your Christmas Stocking

You may add sequins or colorful beads to the front of the stocking. Another festive idea is to add glitter to the top of the stocking. The glitter that comes in a tube is useful. You can use it to create designs or write names on the stocking.

Step 4--Add a Loop to Your Christmas Stocking

If you are planning on hanging your Christmas stocking, it will be useful to attach a loop. You may use some of the leftover fabric to make the loop, or you may get a festive ribbon and employ it as a loop.

Step 5--Adding Embroidery to Your Christmas Stocking

The embroidery will add a certain level of sophistication to the stocking. You do not have to limit the embroidery to a person’s name. You may write any special sayings or wishes for the holidays. You can employ some shortcuts to get the lettering just right. With a sharp pencil or fabric marker, write the name or message that you would like to add to the stocking. Stretch the stocking on an embroidery hoop to keep it flat but do not pull it. Attempt to keep the fabric as smooth as possible so that the embroidery looks very neat.

Step 6--Sewing Your Message

Thread your needle with embroidery thread and start from the left bottom edge of the first letter after you turn the stocking inside out. Leave at least a 2-inch-long tail of embroidery thread. Do not knot the thread. Use the satin stitch to cover the entire width of the letter. Satin stitching is used to completely cover an area or an outline of a picture. In this case, you would be sewing colored threads into the lettering of your stocking. Weave the end of the embroidery thread under the back part of the fabric project to secure the stitching and hide the ends. Do the same for the 2-inch tail of thread you left at the beginning of the project.