DIY Garbage Disposal Installation DIY Garbage Disposal Installation

What You'll Need
Garbage disposal owner's guide
A garbage disposal unit
Plumber's putty
A wrench
Protective eyewear
A flashlight

A garbage disposal installation is a great kitchen addition and can be done by a homeowner with the necessary tools. This job should take about an hour to complete. This appliance will help to dispose of leftover food waste and to reduce the amount of waste that goes to area landfill systems. Doing it yourself will save you the money of having a professional plumber do the work for you.

Step 1 – Safety

Read the owner's manual provided to the garbage disposal before you begin any work.  Be sure all of the power to the kitchen is turned off. If you are unable to find the kitchen fuses, turn off the main power switch while you are working. Put on protective eyewear.

Step 2 - Changing the Existing Drainage System.

Open the cupboard doors under the sink in order to get a better look at the existing plumbing and drainage system. If necessary, use the flashlight for better visibility. Use a wrench to carefully loosen the screws attaching the flange to the drainage pipes. Disconnect the drainage pipes from the flange and remove them from the sink. Remove the flange from the sink.

Step 3 - Applying the Plumber's Putty

Carefully, clean off any remaining sealant. Roll some plumber's putty in your hands and apply it to the flange to prevent any leaks. Remove any excess putty from the area.

Step 4 - Reconnecting the Flange

Attach the mounting assembly unit to the flange. Snap the ring into place and then tighten the entire assembly with a wrench.

Step 5 - Mounting the Garbage Disposal

Connect the disposal system to the assembly and the mounting collar to the mounting bracket. Be sure everything is tightly and properly connected. Manually tighten and secure the drain line fastener to the disposal connector. 

Step 6 - Wiring the Garbage Disposal

Remove the wire covering from the new disposal. Carefully push the power cord through the clamp. Secure the cord into place. Connect the power cord wires from the garbage disposal, using wire caps to attach the wires of the same color. Close and secure the panel. Connect the disposal to the assembly and mount it into place.

Step 7 - Restoring the Power Supply

Plug the cord from the new garbage disposal into the electrical outlet. Close the cupboard doors under the kitchen sink and then restore the power supply to the kitchen.  If you have turned off the main power switch, turn it back on.

Step 8 - Checking for Leaks

Turn on the faucet and allow the water to run. Open the door under the sink to check for that there are no leaks down there. If necessary, use your flashlight to check more closely. Remove the protective eyewear. Put your owner's manual in a place where you can readily get it, should you need to look for any further information.

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