DIY Garbage Disposal Refreshers

garbage disposal refreshers
What You'll Need
Mixing bowl or container
Baking soda
Metal cookie sheet
Parchment paper
Lemon essential oil
Sea salt
Dish washing liquid
Measuring cup (3/4 cup)
Measuring spoon (1/2 teaspoon)

Garbage disposal units are useful devices that shred food waste into extremely tiny pieces. They are connected to the sink for prime accessibility in the clean-up area. When the food waste is shredded, it is able to pass through a house's plumbing system safely. This prevents the waste from clogging up the drains and causing blockages. Because so many types of food can go through a garbage disposal, it's not uncommon for unpleasant odors to form. These odors are usually similar to those that arise in conventional garbage cans. Instead of holding your breath every time you go near the sink, try making these inexpensive DIY garbage disposal refreshers. Simply toss one in and enjoy a fresh lemon scent. The best part? There's a good chance you already have all of the necessary supplies in your own kitchen.

Step 1 - Gather Your Materials

garbage disposal cleaners

In order to start this project, you must round up the necessary supplies and tools. Because many of the supplies needed are common household items, you may already own a few of them. If not, take note of what you need to purchase so that you are ready for your next trip to the store.

While this project uses lemon essential oil, feel free to use your favorite scented essential oil. Lemon typically works best for the kitchen, but orange, lavender, and peppermint essential oils work just as great.

Step 2 - Pour Baking Soda

adding baking soda

Measure 3/4 cup of baking soda. Add it to the mixing bowl or container. The baking soda will act as the base for your garbage disposal refreshers. Because it is a natural deodorant, the baking soda will help diffuse unpleasant scents and keep your sink area smelling clean and fresh.

Step 3 - Add Dish Washing Liquid

add dish soap

Measure 1/2 teaspoon of dish washing liquid and carefully add it to the baking soda. Aside from adding a pleasant scent, the dish washing liquid will keep the ingredients together.

Step 4 - Add Salt

add salt

Using the same measuring spoon, bring in 1/2 teaspoon of salt. This ingredient is a great natural exfoliant that helps remove debris.

Step 5 - Add Scent

add lemon essential oil

Now it's time for the essential oil. Add at least 10 drops of scented oil to the bowl. Feel free to add up to 25 drops for a strong-smelling batch of garbage disposal refreshers.

Step 6 - Pour Water

add water

Fill the 3/4 cup about halfway with water. Slowly pour the water into the container, mixing as you go along. Do not pour all of the water into the container just yet.

Step 7 - Mix Well

mix garbage disposal refresher well

Using the metal measuring teaspoon, stir the mixture well. The ingredients should develop a consistency similar to wet sand. If not, continue adding water, a little at a time. Continue mixing well to ensure that there is no dry baking soda leftover.

Step 8 - Scoop Up the Mixture

scoop up garbage disposal refresher mixture

Using your hand, grab a palm-sized scoop of the mixture. For best results, the scoop should be about the same size as a tablespoon.

You can create a larger scoop, if you'd like. The larger the scoop, the larger the garbage disposal refresher. Keep in mind that it must be small enough to fit through the disposal.

Step 9 - Mold Together

mold garbage disposal refresher into shape

Make a fist and press the mixture into a shape. Repeat until it is one cohesive "pod." If it starts to crumble apart, wet your hands and mold it again.

Step 10 - Continue Shaping

garbage disposal refresher pod

Repeat Step 9 until the garbage disposal refresher is compact and uniform.

Step 11 - Finish Up the Mixture

garbage disposal refreshers

Repeat Steps 8-10 to create the remaining refreshers. Continue until there the is no more mixture left.

Step 12 - Leave to Dry

garbage disposal refreshers

Arrange the garbage disposal refreshers on the metal cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Let them dry overnight. By the next day, they should be tough and completely dry.

Step 13 - Store for Future Use

garbage disposal refresher pod

Keep the refreshers in a sealed glass jar. A mason jar with a screw-top lid works perfectly. Store in a cool, dry place when not in use. When stored properly, your refreshers will last indefinitely.

To use, throw one or two refreshers into the garbage disposal. Turn the garbage disposal on and enjoy the pleasant lemon scents in your kitchen.

Time: 25 minutes || Cost: $3 for 12 pods