DIY Garbage Disposal Replacement Made Easy

What You'll Need
Plumbers putty
A new disposal unit
Protective eyewear

A garbage disposal replacement can be a simple home repair you can do by yourself.

Step 1 - Safety

Be sure the power source and the breaker to the garbage disposal is shut off. If you are unable to locate the breaker to the disposal, shut off the breaker to the entire kitchen. Put on protective eyewear. 

Step 2 - Disconnecting the Existing Disposal

Disconnect the wiring system. Use the wrench to gently tap the locking ring counterclockwise and unlock the old unit. Disconnect the old disposal from the kitchen sink. Remove the unit from the cabinet. 

Step 3 - Reconnecting the Flange

Clean above and below the strainer hole. Apply plumber's putty to the flange. Attach the flange to the mounting assembly. Holding the flange in its proper place, position the gasket. Slip the ring over the flange and snap it into the groove.

Step 4 - Positioning the New Disposal

Position the disposal beneath the mounting assembly unit. The mounting tabs should be able to slide over the tracks. Place the top of the disposal into the assembly. Turn the lower ring of the mounting assembly until the tabs are locked into place over the ring ridges. Use a wrench to tighten the ring. Attach the discharge tube and align it with the drain tap by turning the disposal. Attach the discharge tube to the drain tap.

Step 5 - Restoring the Power

Connect the wiring of the new disposal.  Plug in the new disposal and restore the power supply from the breaker.

Step 6 - Checking for Leaks

Allow the water to run so that you can check for any leaks under the sink.