DIY Homemade Christmas Tree Garland

A Christmas tree garland is the perfect finishing touch to your holiday tree. Although you can purchase a garland from a retail store, a homemade garland gives a warm look to your Christmas tree. You can make your own garland that is worthy of even the most magnificent trees.

You Will Need

  • String
  • Large eyed needle
  • Thimble
  • Cranberries
  • Popcorn
  • Beads
  • Fruit flavored loop cereal

Step 1: Thread Your Needle

Thread your needle with a long piece of string. Make sure that your needle is study enough to poke through cranberries and popcorn. In addition, only cut your piece of string to where you can comfortably work with it so that it does not get tangled.

Step 2: String Your Materials Together

With your needle and string, string together your cranberries, popcorn, beads and fruit looped cereal. Make sure you alternate colors evenly. Be careful that you do not injure yourself with the needle when you are poking through your cranberries and popcorn. In order to decrease the risk of injury, wear a thimble on your finger. A thimble will allow you to exert more pressure on your materials without hurting your finger.

Step 3: Make A Knot On Both Ends

After you have completed stringing your Christmas tree garland, make knots on both ends. Make sure that your knots are big enough so that your materials do not slip off.