DIY Hot Water Pipe Insulation DIY Hot Water Pipe Insulation

What You'll Need
Plenty of insulation
Measuring tape
A good knife
A board or work table
Duct tape
Thick gloves

It is important to maintain your hot water pipe insulation in your home. It is especially important during the winter months when temperatures can get below freezing. The insulation will keep your hot water pipes from freezing up. A good thing about insulating your pipes for the winter is that it cuts back on your energy bill. Hot water pipe insulation guarantees that you will enjoy long hot showers all winter long. You conserve energy because the water heater does not have to work as hard. 

Step 1: Choose the Type of Insulation

There are around five different types of hot water pipe insulation to choose from. You need to figure out what will be the best for your project. Talk to a sales representative at the hardware store. He or she will be happy to give you their opinion. That is what they is there for. There is a heating tape option that wraps around your pipes and then plugs in to heat them. However the heating tape may actually increase your energy bill. Another option is the easiest one to install, which is a foam pipe. The foam pipe insulation is the best out of the five for hot water pipe insulation and does not need to be replaced. The following are the steps to install it.

Step 2: Measure and Cut

You will need to measure the hot water pipe insulation so that it fits over the pipes and allow for spaces where the pipe comes out of the wall. A utility knife will probably work best for the job. You just need one that is going to make a clean cut. You are going to cut a straight slit down one side of the foam insulation so that it will fit over the pipes easily.

Step 3: Be Cautious

Avoid obstructing the pressure relief valve usually located near your water heater. It is actually there to keep the water tank from becoming over-pressurized and failing, perhaps resulting in an explosion. Be extremely cautious around the pipes as well. Wear protective gloves, as you do not want to get burned. 

Step 4: Install

Now that you are ready to install the hot water pipe insulation, take the first measured-out piece of pipe. It does not matter where you start; it is easier to work from one side of the room to the other. Open the foam pipes along where you cut the slits so they will easily fit over the pipes. Make sure once you have it on that the slit side is facing down. Then you can seal the open slits with the duct tape. This ensures that you have a nice and cozy wrap to insulate your pipes. Cut smaller pieces for the bends in the pipes, and make sure you do not forget the vertical ones. You also need to insulate the hot water tank. You can purchase hot water tank covers that will keep it warm.

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