DIY Illuminated Holiday Jars

A mason jar with Christmas lights.
What You'll Need
A string of small Christmas lights
A mason jar
Dish soap
Cleaning cloths
Decorative ribbon
Permanent markers

Illuminated jars are a great way to create a beautiful, festive decoration. This project is quick and easy to create and is wonderful for adding sparkle to your holiday celebrations. With a few basic materials you can complete this project in no time at all.

1. Prepare Your Materials

Gather all of the materials you will need for your project. Make sure that your strand of lights is working properly. Check your markers to be sure that they have permanent ink. Semi-permanent ink will eventually wipe off your jar.

2. Wash Your Jar

Unscrew the metal band and remove the disk from your mason jar. Fill a sink with warm water. Add two or three squirts of liquid soap to the water. Mix the soap into the water until you have bubbles. Immerse your mason jar and the band of the lid into the water. You will not need the metal disk. Use a clean cloth to carefully wash off any residue from the pieces. Rinse your jar and band in cool, clear water. Use a clean towel to dry off the jar and the band.

3. Decorate Your Jar

Use a permanent marker to create a decorative design around the exterior of your jar. Draw out your design on a piece of paper first. Tape the design to the inside of your jar and then trace it on the glass with a black marker. Allow the black ink to dry and then fill in the spaces of the design with other colors of ink. If you are giving this jar as a gift, you might want to write your name and the date on the bottom of the jar.

4. Fill Your Jar with Light

Take your strand of lights and carefully position them into the jar so that they are well distributed from top to bottom. Place the plug end of the lights over the rim of the jar, bending the wire down the back side of the container. Secure the wire in position by placing the band of the lid over the wire and the mouth of the jar. Gently screw the lid into place. Attach an extension cord to the plug so that you have enough wire to easily place your illuminated jar anywhere in your home. Cut a piece of decorative ribbon and tie it around the lid.

5. Turn on Your Jar

Place your jar anywhere you want to add a little extra sparkle. Whether you want them for Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or to celebrate the New Year, these jars are perfect for any festive occasion. If you’d like to create a more dramatic effect, consider creating more jars and displaying them together. By placing the jar in front of or on top of a mirror, you can create even more sparkle. Keep in mind that the lights use electricity so it is important to keep your jar away from water. The lights can also become very warm over time so be sure to unplug the jar whenever it is not in use.