DIY Indoor Bike Storage Solutions: 4 Options for Your Garage

What You'll Need
Utility Hooks
Shelf brackets
2 x 4 inch lumber
1 inch diameter metal pipe
Drill and bits

There are some simple, inexpensive remedies to your bike storage solutions. In a short period of time, you will have an innovative bike rack and will have saved money in the process. Whether you have 1 bicycle, or many, each of the options can be altered to fit any bike.

Step 1 - Utility Hooks

Utility hooks large enough to hold a bicycle are available at hardware stores and home improvement stores. There are hooks made specifically for bike storage solutions that are longer than the standard utility hook. To install, locate a stud with a stud finder, and screw the hook into the wall. You may also screw hooks into ceiling joists to hang your bike overhead. There are times that you are not able to locate a stud where you would like to store the bike. In that case, continue to Step 2.

Step 2 - Reinforcement for Utility Hooks

If there is a problem with finding studs, or if you don’t want to screw the hooks directly into the wall, attach the hooks to a piece of 2-inch by 4-inch lumber. First lag bolt the lumber to the wall, either into the studs, or use wall anchors if there are no studs. To use drywall anchors, drill a hole of appropriate size for the anchor per manufacturer’s instructions. Insert a wall anchor and attach the lumber for your bike storage solutions. Drill pilot holes for the utility hooks into the lumber, spaced at least 12 inches apart.

Step 3 - Shelf Brackets

You can use "L" shaped shelf brackets as bike storage solutions. Be certain the brackets you purchase are strong enough to support the weight of your bike. Using a drill and 2-inch wood screws, attach the shelf bracket with 1 leg of the “L” facing down and the other leg will come out from the wall. If you are using 1 bracket, hang the bike from either the front wheel or the rear wheel. You can use 2 brackets, hung in the same manner, at a width to support the bike by its front and rear cross braces.

Step 4 - Multiple Bike Hanger

The most efficient, inexpensive bike storage solutions for hanging multiple bikes are with utility hooks in the ceiling. Hang 2 utility hooks from the ceiling joists, spaced to allow about 12 inches width for each bike. You may find it easier to install the hooks if you drill a pilot hole 1-bit smaller than the size of the screw end of the hook. Place a piece of 1-inch diameter galvanized pipe through the hooks. Hang the bikes by the nose of the seat saddle. This technique is used by bicycle repair and sales shops. Use a length of pipe that is at least 1 foot longer than the distance between the 2 utility hooks. For added bike storage solutions stability, have the pipe ends threaded and place end caps on the ends. This will keep the pipe from sliding out of the hooks.