DIY King Platform Bed Frame Construction DIY King Platform Bed Frame Construction

What You'll Need
castors (4 for sure, and for a king bed, you will need about 8)
2 by 4 stock
MDF board
Help of a trusty friend

Building your own king platform bed frame is a great money-saving project. This project is also a pretty simple one at that.

Follow the steps below to create your own king platform bed.

Step 1 - Measure

First off, as in most tasks, you will want to measure. Measure the size of your mattress. Then you will have to decide if you want a frame that is a bit bigger than the mattress, or a frame that will fit the mattress like a glove. There is no wrong or right, just personal design preference.

Step 2 - Build the Frame

Now that you have the dimensions of your mattress, and you've also made the decision of how big you actually want the frame to be, you can start building it. Using 2 by 4 stock create a square box in the dimensions that you have decided. Attach each of the 2 by 4s together securely with screws. It is usually best to pre-drill the holes that the screws will be drilled into. This also makes it easier to work with.

Step 3 - Build the Supports

You will want to build support boards that sit in the middle of your frame. For this you will use 2 by 4s that extend the length of the bed frame. Cut the 2 by 4s to fit the inside of the frame, and then screw the stock to the wood bed frame with wood screws. You will want to uniformally space these supports, using about 4 to 5 for king-size frames. Again, pre-drilling holes is a good option in this instance.

Step 4 - Place the MDF Boards

Now take the MDF boards and lay them across the entire bed frame. To cover the entire bed frame, you will probably need more than one sheet of MDF board. You will want to perfectly line up the edges of the bed frame with the MDF boards, and then screw them into place using screws. Lining up the edges creates more of a professional look. Clean and crisp.

The next step has you applying the castors. For this you will want to secure the aid of a trusty helper to help you turn the platform over, so you can work on the bottom.

Step 5 - Apply the Castors

Using a castor for each corner, and also on each support beam, screw each one of the castors in.

Step 6 - Flip It Right Side

Using your trusty helper once again, flip the platform back over to it's original state, and arrange the bed frame where you will want your bed to sit.

Step 7 - Finish It Up

Place your mattress on your platform. Then give yourself a good pat on the back for a job well done.

Now you have your bed in place, and you're ready for a good night's rest. You've earned it. Sleep well, for you have not only created a bed frame, but you have saved a bundle of money doing it. Way to go! 

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