DIY Lava Rock Landscaping

What You'll Need
Large lava rocks
Small bagged lava rocks

The popularity of lava rock landscaping has skyrocketed exponentially over the past decade. However, landscaping businesses are also very aware of the new demand for this type of landscaping and have been quick to slap high price tags on any lava rock landscaping job as a result. This guide will teach you the best ways of DIY lava rock landscaping to achieve calming garden designs without paying thousands of dollars.

Step 1 - Deciding On Your Design

One of the benefits of a rock landscaped garden is the sheer number of possibilities available to you and you are only limited by your creativity. You can also produce all-rock gardens with almost no maintenance worries and an endless lifetime. For the best value lava rocks visit your local garden wholesaler. Many landscaping companies will charge thousands of dollars per rock and claim it is genuine Hawaiian lava rock when actually it is from a garden store down the road. Why not examine images of Hawaiian gardening before finalizing your design so that you can gain the largest possible variety of influences? Once you have designed your garden, it is time to purchase your lava rock.

Step 2 - Preparing Your Garden

Begin by removing all surrounding weeds and grass by spade. Another benefit of lava rock landscaping is that they will deter weed growth and provide a much smaller area for you to apply weedkiller to. Any unimportant plants should be removed so that they do not detract from the overall appearance of your new landscape. Mark the areas you have chosen for the larger rocks in any way you wish. Remember that the dark grays and blacks of your lava rock will contrast beautifully with the bright greens and colors of many flowering plants so if you wish to include plants in your design, keep the soil space to accommodate for them.

Step 3 - Inserting Your Lava Rocks

Now that you have speculated over the appearance of your lava rock landscape, it is time to roll the stones into place and begin creating your volcanic paradise. For the largest rocks, simply dig a six-inch trench that is similar to the size of the rock itself and place the rocks into this recess. Pile up soil and smaller rocks around the edges using your trowel. The surprisingly light structure of these large rocks will impress you as you are able to shift rocks spanning five feet by yourself.

Step 4 - Creating Your Borders

With larger rocks in place, you will now be able to envision the finished landscape and its serene calming beauty. Now for the most fun part! This involves using the smaller volcanic rocks and any plants that you have acquired to truly accentuate and add to the new levels of tranquility your garden offers. Remember that small volcanic rocks, contrary to popular belief, filter water and air through the soil level perfectly due to their lightweight and porous composure. You need not worry when surrounding plants with these rocks as they will not deter plant growth in the slightest.