DIY Mailbox Upgrades

A mailbox surrounded by plants.

Every home has its own mailbox in some capacity, but have you ever thought of yours as a fun accessory that's capable of making a statement in your yard? With a little bit of creativity and effort, you can add some pizazz and character to your mailbox to make it more than the spot that just receives letters, bill, and catalogs. Find your DIY mailbox inspiration below.

Add a Floral Base

Something small that can make a big difference in the aesthetic of your mailbox is adding a floral base to it. To accomplish this, simply choose your favorite florals to plant. Adding a pop of color or even several different colors via beautiful flowers will increase the curb appeal of your home.

Once you’ve chosen plants, dig out the existing turf around your mailbox and break up the soil well. Place the tallest flowers or plants in the center of your bed, surrounding them with shorter plants. Vary the colors and textures for a natural look.

After you’re done planting, add a layer of garden soil to promote root growth. Finally, surround the bed with edging. For this, marble chips or color enhanced mulch will do the job perfectly.

Make it Ombre

A trio of painted mailboxes in bright colors.

We’ve all seen and loved the ombre color effect—a shade slowly transitioning from dark to light and spanning a color palette—so why not apply it to a mailbox? This simple upgrade requires nothing more than spray paint and primer. Here, you paint the actual mailbox that holds mail, choosing whichever color suits you best. Consider displaying a selection of blues, greens, or even pinks.

Take your mailbox down from its stand, removing the flag. Spray one or two coats of primer onto the box to ensure the surface is even. Once the primer is dry, cover the entire mailbox with a coat of the lightest color you’ve chosen. Then, spray a thin coat of the middle-shade color aout a third of the way down the side of the mailbox. While spraying, hold the can a decent distance away from the box so that the colors blend together nicely for a natural ombre effect. At the bottom of the mailbox, spray the darkest color.

Let the paint dry overnight. The next day, paint on a clear sealant to protect your mailbox from chipping or from wear from the weather. Once completely dry, reattach the flag and mount your mailbox to its stand.

Line Your Box

Not every mailbox upgrade has to be applied to the outside of your box. Something more subtle is to line the inside of your mailbox for a whimsical look that surprises anyone that opens it. For this project, choose a pattern of scrapbook paper or even wrapping paper that you love. This pattern could reflect an interest or theme of your house. For instance, a beach house might warrant choosing a seashell pattern.

Gather several pieces of your chosen paper in the size of 12x12 inches, which will fit inside most standard mailboxes. Using outdoor Mod Podge and a foam brush, apply the paper to the sides and top of your mailbox, covering it completely and brushing the Mod Podge completely across the paper so that it adheres to the inside of the box well. Let it dry for 24 hours, and now you have a fun touch added to your mailbox!

Add a Pop of Color

A red mailbox with the number 6, against a brick wall.

Another small improvement you can make to your mailbox to give it some pizazz is to spray paint the numbers on it, really making your address pop. This is a simple upgrade, as all it takes is the individual numbers (if you don’t have them already), and spray paint. Choose a color that’s complementary to your mailbox or home (this is where you can get creative) and spray paint the numbers. If you already have them, remove them from your mailbox first and place them on pieces of newspaper to avoid a mess. Let them dry for 24 hours, and then reaffix them to your mailbox and it will have a totally new look!

Mailboxes are a fun way to add some character to the curb appeal of your home, and these upgrades prove to be easy and fun DIY projects. With spring around the corner, it’s the perfect time to participate in one of these outdoor upgrades for a fresh look in your driveway.