DIY Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaning Tips

Mass air flow sensor cleaning is something that should be done carefully and patiently, because it could do more harm than good if done incorrectly. The MAF sensor is a very important part of your car’s engine, since it regulates the air going into the engine chamber. When attempting to clean the MAF, be sure that you do it correctly.


Before even attempting to clean it, be sure to locate the MAF sensor correctly and find out how it is attached. Depending on the car model, it is usually found attached to the air cleaner. Some may be found on the inside of the air-box cleaner and some outside. It is most likely fastened by a clamp, with a screw to hold it in place.

Removing the MAF

When you remove the MAF, be very careful not to damage it. Examine first how it is attached and determine the appropriate way to dismantle it. It is usually held on by screws and a clamp or brace, which is also fastened by a screw. It can also just be popped out using a screwdriver.


After you’ve dismantled the MAF, you will see the dirt inside it. Spray contact cleaner on the inside, until the dirt loosens and falls off. If there is still dirt that’s left, spray it some more and use some air pressure to remove the stubborn stuck on dirt.


When reinstalling the MAF, make sure that it is completely dry. After your mass air flow sensor cleaning session, make sure to plug in all the wires attached to it and return all the screws and clamps that hold it in place.