DIY Matching Canopy Bedding: 3 Ideas

If you have canopy bedding, there are at least 3 ideas that you can use to match it. This includes purchasing matching canopy bedding sheet sets, creating a matching canopy bedding design and changing the color scheme in the room to match the canopy bedding. The idea behind matching canopy bedding is not a hard concept to understand or to accomplish. These ideas are straightforward and easy to figure out and implement. Just use your common sense and imagination to come up with matching styles for your canopy bedding.

Being able to do-it-yourself in order to match your canopy bedding will save you on the cost and expense of hiring a professional designer. These design ideas will help you match your canopy bedding and come up with a design choice that works for your style.

Purchasing Matching Canopy Bedding Sets

The easiest way to match your canopy bedding is to purchase matching sets. This includes the bed spreads, sheets, pillow cases and any matching duvet covers. You can purchase matching canopy bedding sets online or at a retailer that sells bedding for canopy beds.

The matching canopy bedding should be in any design style or pattern that you choose. Choose a set that matches your personal style or the motif of the room that you have the canopy bed in. If it is a little girl's room you can go with a princess style or ponies for the room.

Create a Matching Canopy Bedding

If you have the time and ability you can create a matching canopy bedding style of your own. This will require the use of a sewing machine, material and batting to create your own comforter, duvet cover, sheets and canopy cover. You can purchase a matching canopy bedding pattern from a craft store that sells sewing materials. There you can find different patterns and designs to create a matching canopy bedding set.

Once you purchase the materials for your matching canopy bedding set, take them home and follow the instructions for making your matching canopy bedding.

Change the Room's Color Scheme

Another way to create a match for your canopy bedding is by changing the style or design of your room. This can be done by painting the walls or adding wallpaper. This will give you an opportunity to match the room to the existing canopy bed and its bedding. This is another way to match your canopy bedding yourself without the use of a designer or an interior decorator.

There are other ideas for matching your canopy bedding. These 3 are the simplest for you to implement in order to provide a good match. You can ask an interior designer or other type of professional for additional ideas that they may have concerning matching the canopy bedding in your home. Their ideas along with the tips provided in this article can help you come up with a good design match.