DIY Mosaic Mirror Frame DIY Mosaic Mirror Frame

What You'll Need
10 to 12 assorted 4x4 tiles in various colors (youmay also choose to use old plates or plates found at a flea market)
Apoxy or hot glue
Safety glasses
Grout in the color of your choice
Old pillow case

You can easily transform a simple mirror frame into a customized art piece by adding a mosaic motif. Here are the steps to follow to create this one-of-a-kind mirror frame.

Breaking the Tiles and Laying out the Design

Place 2 to 3 tiles or plates into the pillow case. Using the hammer break them into tiny pieces. The more you hit them with the hammer the tinier the pieces will be. Repeat this process for all of the plates or tiles that you have bought. When you have the desired size and shape for the mosaic pieces, lay them out on the mirror frame in the desired pattern. It is best not to place the pieces too close together as the design will look too busy. Leave about 2 to 4 centimeters between each mosaic piece.

Assembling the Pieces

Once you have established the design for your mosaic mirror frame, remove one piece and put a bit of epoxy or glue onto the back and secure it to the frame. Move around the mirror frame lifting the pieces of tile, add the glue and affix it to the mirror frame. Allow this step to dry for at least an hour. The drying time may be longer for the epoxy so read the label carefully.


When the mosaic has dried for the allotted time begin by preparing the grout mixture as instructed on the package. Spread a thick layer of grout over the top of the mosaic tiles. Smooth it out using a grout spatula or other flat object. Make sure that the grout is level with the tile. Using a damp sponge wipe any access grout mixture from the mosaic pieces making sure not to disturb the grout in between the pieces. Allow the grout to dry. When it has completely dried use a damp cloth to remove the film that is left over and polish the mosaic pieces. When you are finished with this step you will have a unique mirror frame to hang on any wall that will be a great conversation piece.

A mosaic mirror frame is a great way to add a personal touch to an ordinary object. Choosing the tiles to use allows you to incorporate colors from the decor in your room. Consider hanging the mirror with ribbon or rope to make the mirror an even bigger statement piece. A mosaic mirror is creative and makes a great conversation piece.

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