DIY Odometer Repair

An odometer repair can be a tricky job. When the odometer in a vehicle stops functioning it has to be repaired. An odometer ceases working as the gear inside the odometer gets worn out. Repairing the odometer is an easy task, but we must see to it that we do not harm other parts such as the speedometer, which is situated within the odometer gauge. In this process there is no chance to change or manipulate the vehicles recorded mileage. As the odometer and speedometer are located within the same gauge, they are together called the speedometer gauge. Repairing an odometer by yourself is a task made easy, if the steps given below are followed.

Things You'll Need

  • Odometer planetary gear (as per the vehicles make)
  • A flat head screwdriver 
  • A screwdriver set (commonly used in computer repair) 
  • Phillips head screwdriver

Step 1: Remove The Speedometer Gauge 

First, detach the cable connected to the negative side of the vehicle's battery. Then, making use of a flat head screwdriver, gently remove the gasket. Now, you can easily remove the entire speedometer gauge from the dash. Do not detach other electrical wire connections. Disconnect only the wire connected behind the gauge.

Step 2: Remove The Odometer Gauge

Now, once we have the odometer gauge in hand, place it on a clean surface, upside down, and remove all the screws behind the case, making use of the Phillips head screwdriver. After taking out all the screws, remove the gauge from its casing, and place it facing upwards on the surface. 

Step 3: Detach The Post

Next, locate the post used to reset the trip odometer, and carefully remove it from the gauge. Do not mess with the gauge in this process, as it may cause permanent damage to it. If it does not come out easily, then keep your finger under the dial of the gauge, and press upwards, such that the post passes and connects into the motor casing. The motor casing is a small black plastic box attached to the opposite side of the dial, and it is separate from the metal housing of the gauge, which contains the speedometer.

Step 4: Remove The Speedometer Needle

Now, it is time to remove the needle. Make sure to do this gently, and do not exert pressure on the needle, as it may bend. Remove the speedometer needle from its base, and turn it clockwise until it stops moving, then slowly remove the needle, moving it front and back. 

Step 5: Remove The Motor Casing

Take off the 2 screws in the front of the gauge, using a mini Phillips head screwdriver that comes with the computer repair kit. After unscrewing, pull the motor casing of the odometer out of its dial.

Step 6: Remove The Gear Pod

A gear pod is found attached to the cover of the casing. Remove this gear pod out of the motor casing.

Step 7: Replacing The Gear

Remove the odometer planetary gear from the gear pod, by making use of a mini flat head screwdriver. Place the substitute gear onto its position, and assemble all the parts into the gauge. Doing this will complete the repair process.