DIY Pinch Pleated Draperies DIY Pinch Pleated Draperies

What You'll Need
Sewing Machine
Measuring Tape
Pleater Tape

For a formal, elegant room like a dining room, create your own pinch pleated draperies. Sewing your own will cost you less than purchasing from a retailer, and your lovely completed drapes will give you a sense of pride every time you walk into the room.

Step 1: Determine Drapery Dimensions

The first thing to do is install your curtain rod. This will help you determine the length of your drapery panels. Next, measure the width of your window. Double this measurement to accommodate the pleats and add 4 inches for the hems. If you are making more than one drapery panel, add the 4-inch hem allowance to the width of each panel.

Measure the length from the curtain rod to where you want the drapery panels to end, and add 4 inches to that measurement. If you want your drapes to be lined, purchase fabric lining that is 2 inches shorter than the fabric for the drapery panels.

Step 2: Sew the Hems

Fold and iron a 1-inch hem at the bottom of the drapery fabric. Then, lay the lining fabric at the edge of the hem. Fold the drapery fabric over it to create another 1-inch seam. Iron the hem and pin the lining to the drapery fabric. Sew the bottom hem, dropping in weights as you go to allow your finished pinch pleated draperies to hang properly when they’re finished.

Fold and iron the sides of the drapery panels, pinning the lining fabric in place as you go. Then sew the side hems.

Step 3: Make the Pleats

Sew the pleater tape to the top, raw edge of the drapery panel. Fold under the side edges and sew them, then sew the bottom edge of the pleater tape to the drapery panel, as well. Next, use straight pins to mark off an alternating pattern of 3 inches and 6 inches, beginning and ending with a 3-inch space. If your measurements don’t come out exactly, spread the difference evenly over the 6-inch spaces.

Fold each 6-inch space together to form a 3-inch pleat, and sew it together from the top of the drapery panel to the bottom of the pleater tape. When you are finished, take each 6-inch folded pleat and fold it to make three 1-inch pleats. Tack the pleats together using a simple back-and-forth stitch.

Step 4: Hang the Pinch Pleated Draperies

When you’ve finished sewing all of the pleats, install drapery hooks into the back of the panels at each pleat. Be sure the hooks go through the stiff pleater tape. Then attach the hooks to your curtain rod and you’re finished.

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