DIY Recycled Tire Table

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What You'll Need
Dish soap
Stiff bristle scrub brush
Measuring tape
Circular saw
Safety glasses
Table legs
Jig saw
Wood glue
L brackets
Construction adhesive
Wood stain
Painter’s tape
Hot glue and gun

If you’ve got an old tire lying around and have no idea what to do with it, you can repurpose it into a stylish table that can be used indoors or out. Likewise, if you’ve wanted a unique table but haven’t found one that’s just right, you can make your own with a tire and a few other supplies. Creating a tire table is fairly simple, and you can tap into your creativity to design a budget-friendly table that fits your style and personality.

Step 1 - Clean the Tire

Take the tire outside so you can use a hose to begin the cleaning process. Because the tire will likely be old and used, it’s probably going to be dirty and possibly greasy, so give it a good bath using water and dish soap. The dish soap will help cut through the grease, and you can use a stiff bristle scrub brush to help remove the grime as well. Once you’ve cleaned everything and rinsed off the soap, let the tire dry completely.

Step 2 - Create the Tabletop and Bottom

Use plywood to create a top and bottom for your tire table. Start with the top and decide how big you want the table’s surface to be, and then measure that distance with the tape. Use the pencil to mark the measurements on one piece of plywood. Divide the total measurement by two to find the center, and then tie a string to your pencil to draw the cut marks for the circle. Hold the string securely in place at the center, then trace a circle onto the plywood to create your pattern. For the bottom piece of the table, measure the diameter of the tire, then subtract two inches. Use this measurement to create the circle pattern for the bottom. Cut both circles out of the plywood using a circular saw, and don’t forget to put on protective eyewear.

Step 3 - Add the Legs

Make your own or use preshaped pieces of wood to create three to four legs for your table. Check out local thrift stores or garage sales to find inexpensive, small tables with legs you can remove and use. To make your own, trace a leg pattern on plywood and then cut them out with a jig saw. Space the legs equidistantly around the bottom piece of plywood, then attach them to the plywood first with wood glue. Add further support by drilling the legs to the plywood with screws and/or L brackets.

Step 4 - Attach the Plywood

After the wood glue used in the previous step has dried, attach the plywood circles to the top and bottom of your tire using construction adhesive. Start with the bottom piece and line the perimeter of the plywood with generous amounts of adhesive.

Center the tire on the bottom support, then use adhesive to secure the other piece of plywood to the top of the tire. Allow the adhesive to dry completely.

Step 5 - Paint, Stain or Cover It

Now that your table is constructed, wrap lengths of rope around the tire, gluing each row of rope into place with the construction adhesive.

Once you work your way up to the plywood top, you may need to use painter’s tape to hold the rope in place as it dries. You can also switch to hot glue if you like, which will stick to the wood but not to the rubber of the tire. When you're done gluing the rope, paint or stain the legs to your liking.

Try a Variation

For a simpler table, try a variation that calls for six to eight tires and a pre-constructed table top or piece of wood. Stack the tires equally to create two support columns, using construction adhesive to secure the tires to one another. Center the table top or wood on top of the columns, then screw it into place to secure it. Paint or decorate your new table however you like.

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