DIY Shabby Chic Wall Storage

Lead Image for DIY Shabby Chic Wall Storage
What You'll Need
Plank of wood
Grinding Wheel
Saw Tooth Hangers
Saw (Circular or Miter)

Wall storage is useful for clothes, jewelry, hair accessories, kitchen accessories, and more. Unfortunately the options that are available aren't always in line with your personal style. So, why not build your own? This way you have a piece that is not only functional, but also decorative.

The knobs that are featured in this project were purchased from Hobby Lobby, but any craft store or hardware store will carry knobs, hooks, or handles that can be used in this project. Be sure to think about what you will want to hang from this piece before picking out the knobs and handles.

Step 1 – Take Measurements

The first thing that you will need to do is measure the space that you have to work with. Then you can decide what size your wall storage will be. The wood piece that’s pictured measures 1''x6''x3'.

Step 2 – Cut Your Wood

saw wood

Cut your wood to size using a saw, or purchase a pre-cut piece of wood from a hardware store. If you don’t find the pre-cut size that you are looking for at the hardware store, you can always buy an entire piece of wood from the lumber section and have the hardware store cut it to size for you. Most stores have a large saw in the back and will do this for free.

Step 3 – Paint Your Wood

wood painted white

I used flat white paint that left over from another project and a standard paintbrush for this project. Be sure to think about the space that the piece will live in after it’s completed when picking a color for your wood. You could also consider staining your wood if that is more appealing to you.

Step 4 – Sand Your Wood

sanded shabby chic wood

Once you have waited an adequate amount of time for your paint to dry, sand your wood for the shabby chic look. I like how hand-sanded wood looks better than wood sanded with an electric sander. However, if you prefer electric, go for it.

Tip: I hand sanded using 40 grit sandpaper to achieve this look.

Step 5 – Place Your Knobs, Hooks, and Handles

mark where you put screws

Decide where each of your knobs, hooks and handles will go on your piece of wood. Using a level, lightly draw a line using a pencil, then mark a circle where the screws will go for each knob, hook, and handle.

Tip: Double Check with Tape

decide where to place knobs and handles

Once you draw your line, tape your pieces into place and use the level to double check your work. Remember, once you start drilling holes, you can't go back.

Step 6 - Attach Everything

wood with screws and nuts

Screw your knobs, hooks and handles into your wood plank. Then attach the nuts to the backs of them.

Step 7 – Grind the Screws

grind backs of screws

Using your grinding wheel, grind off the excess length of the screws on the back of your wood plank. This will leave your screws flush with the nuts that are screwed onto them and will allow you to hang your wall piece flatly.

Step 8 – Attach the Hangers

add saw tooth hangers

Attach the saw tooth hangers with screws to the back of your wood plank in the top corners using a level so that you can hang your finished product on your wall.

Step 9 – Hang Your Wall Storage Piece

hang your wall storage piece

Using a level, hang your completed project on the wall.

Step 10 - Enjoy

wall hanger unit

Enjoy your new stylish storage!

Time: 3 hours || Cost: $30