DIY Solar Pool Heater Design Tips DIY Solar Pool Heater Design Tips

Making a DIY solar pool heater is not that difficult, and you may be surprised to find out that there are many types of solar panel which can be manipulated to suit your own design. Creating a solar panel pool heater can help save you a lot of money, not only from buying and using the heater, but also from the energy which is taken from the sun, rather than from an electricity company. Creating a solar panel heater can be managed by anyone with a basic knowledge of home improvement techniques, and you should be able to manage this job quickly and easily.

Solar Panel Design

The basic designs of a heater needs to be one which allows the solar panel to transfer the warmth from its own system into the heater. Your panels should be large enough to collect enough heat to transfer into energy for the heater. Look at designs for other solar pool heaters online, and note how large these panels have been made. This should give you a good idea of how large you will need to make your own panels. Glass sheets are not cheap, so remember to work out the size before you order them to be made. You may decide that, rather than have flat panels, you would prefer to use solar tubes. These glass cylinders warm up the liquid inside them, and then carry the heat to electrical systems. They are often used for internal water heaters, so would be the perfect product for your pool heater. Another option is to make some irrigation hose into a circular heat-gatherer, which is also not difficult.

Other Basic Features

You can also add other features to your solar panel heater, such as collapsible legs, which means that you can put the panel next to your heater during the day, and then fold it up at night, giving you more room in your garden. It may also be that you wish to use the heater during the summer, packing it into the shed in winter. Folding legs, or placing on a wheeled trolley, means that you can move your panel around the garden easily.

You may also want to consider the shape of your heater. The size is rather dependent upon the size of the panel, but once these are aligned, consider something other than a square, which often requires lots of extra space be heated. You may also feel that an additional feature which can be improved upon is the design of the wires which lead from the panel to the heater. If you are placing your solar panel on the roof, then you can trail wires down along the side of the house to get it where you want, but if you have the panels in the garden, then the wires will need to be able to be wrapped up so that you don't trip over these wires when going to the pool.



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