DIY Swimming Pool Leak Detection

leaking swimming pool with cracked cement
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-20
What You'll Need
Water meter

If you think your swimming pool may have a leak, you need to do some detective work to figure out where it's coming from. Here are some tests you can perform to find the leak.

Check your Plumbing system

First, a leak may not be in the pool itself. Your tests may determine that the loss of water is due to problems in your plumbing system.

The Bucket Method

Fill the pool to its normal level, then fill a bucket with water, leaving a little space. Put it on a pool step, but not under water. Mark the water level on both the bucket and your pool. The next day, see if the water is below the mark. If the mark on the pool is lower than the mark on the bucket, then you have a leak.

Meter Test

Locate your home’s water meter. Write down the gauge numbers. Don’t use water in the house for a half hour, then check the gauges. If the numbers are different, then you probably have a leak. Swimming pool leak detection is not hard, and it's needed to keep your pool in good working order.