DIY Tabletop Fountains

What You'll Need
Vinyl/plastic Tubing
Decorative Pottery
Glass Bowl
Water pump

Tabletop fountains have become a favorite of people who enjoy the soothing sound of running water in their homes. These fountains are also popular in offices where workers rely on them to calm frayed nerves. If you are a do-it-yourself artisan, you can create your own tabletop fountain without spending more than a few dollars. Follow the simple steps below to plan and create a functional piece of art.

Step 1 – Plan Your Fountain

Bring together a few ideas about what you want your fountain to look like and sound like. If you prefer a natural look, spend some time observing the stones that have become worn and smooth in clear mountain streams. Note their placement, size and color. For a creative container, look for hand-fashioned pottery, metal art and even discarded plastic or metal containers.

Step 2 – Choose Your Container

Whether you choose to create your fountain container from your own ceramic pottery or from pottery you have found or have purchased, be sure the container is the size that will fit with the stones or ornaments you choose and that it will be appropriate the environment in which you plan to place the fountain. Keep in mind that it will need to hold the rocks, the ornaments and the water that will flow across your fountain stones and create the trickling sounds.

Step 3 – Collect Stones or Shells

If you have been to the seashore recently and have brought back a collection of shells, consider using them for your water to flow over. Alternatively, the round smooth stones you might have brought back from a fly fishing trip may be the type of material you prefer. Bring these stones or shells together with other ornaments, place them in your container and arrange them according to your preferences.

Step 4 – Purchase Your Water Pump and Tubing

Check out the various sizes of water pumps that are available online or at your local home improvement store. Choose the size pump that will provide the right flow rate for your fountain. A pump that is too powerful may spray your water rather than creating a soothing trickle. If you plan to pump water to a higher level above your ornaments, or if you plan to make your fountain shoot water upward, you will likely want a pump that creates greater pressure. Be sure when you purchase your pump and tubing that the tubing diameter will fit the outlet of the pump you choose.

Step 5 - Design Your Fountain Water Flow

Install your pump and tubing, fill your fountain with water, turn on the pump and then begin designing your fountain to get the flow of water you will most enjoy. Try positioning stones or shells of various sizes that will create a trickling sound when water flows over them. Use larger, more angular stones or shells for a more active flow of water. Create a softer more soothing sound by using the smaller, rounded stones.