DIY Thanksgiving Decorating: These Turkey Crafts Aren't for Kids

A Thanksgiving turkey made from a walnut and leaves.

Fall is a season of color and entertaining, and that means you’re going to have guests in your home. Wow them with turkey-inspired DIY projects, and dress your home to impress during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Scrappy Gobbler

Put your scrap wood to good use by building a turkey centerpiece that can also double as table decoration anywhere.

Get a round Styrofoam ball, available at craft stores. Use a knife to shave off a small, flat edge so the ball will stand on its own. Use wood glue to attach scraps to the ball, covering the surface entirely. Because you’re using scraps, following the curves of the ball shouldn’t be too difficult. Fill any gaps with wood putty and allow it to dry completely before sanding down the entire ball.

Attach a round or oval wooden finial (available at home stores) to the ball. The finial will serve as the turkey head. Once it’s firmly attached with wood nails or screws, paint the entire piece. When the paint is dry, use superglue to attach feathers or leaves to the turkey to create the tail.

Mounted Turkey

Use your DIY skills to build a mounted turkey head to hang on the wall. Even those who don’t hunt will appreciate the joke. Make your mounted friend look a little less authentic by adding plastic googly eyes or some other fun element.

Start with a piece of plywood, and cut it into a shield shape with a jigsaw. Cut 2-inch PVC pipe to a 6-inch length. Using your jigsaw, cut a half-circle shape into one end of the pipe. Cut only one pipe wall; the half-circle should be about 2 inches long and deep. This will help support the softball that will sit on top of the pipe. Add a line of glue to the pipe and place the ball. Cut the other end of the pipe at a 45-degree angle to create a slanted edge; the long point should sit below the notch at the top of the pipe.

Mount the pipe to the plywood using small L-brackets and screws, placing the slanted edge of the pipe flat against the board. Spray paint everything brown (ideally this should be done outside) and allow it to dry completely.

Finish the mounted turkey head by attaching a piece of red felt to the “neck,” gluing eyes to the face and adding a beak (cut a tiny triangle out of plywood and glue into place). Cover the entire turkey (the pipe) with felt or feathers to give it a more realistic look.

Cheap Custom Vase

You don’t need to spend money on a fancy monogrammed vase… not when you can make one from a plastic bottle. Cut the top off of the bottle and clean the inside and outside thoroughly. You do not need to remove the label.

Mix water and glue, and use this as a solution to soak scraps of paper. Place these soaked scraps all over the bottle. Once the bottle is totally dry, cut your letter out of wood with a jigsaw. Or, go a slightly easier route and cut the letter out of Styrofoam using a knife. Glue the letter to the bottle and spray paint the entire thing in the fall friendly color of your choice. Fill with water, place your flowers and you’ve got a lovely holiday vase.

Make your own Thanksgiving decorations this year, and put a personal touch on the holiday. Bu using your DIY skills and your scraps to save money, and you’ll have more to spend on the December holidays.