DIY Three-Way Floor Mirror

What You'll Need
3 mirror panels, full-length
Mirror adhesive
3 1/4-inch plywood sheets, 15-inches wide by 50.75-inches long
Wood veneer tape (iron-on)
Wood stain or primer and paint
6 hinges
Screw driver
Measuring tape
Masking tape

Making a three-way floor mirror that you see on television fashion programs and in department stores aren't only inexpensive to make but also easy. This article will show you how to make your own three-way mirror. Keep in mind that you can make the mirrors any height that suits you. All you need to do is change the measurements of the plywood.

Step 1: Applying and Cutting the Veneer Strips

Roll out the veneer tape on a flat and clean surface. Take your measuring tape and measure out strips of veneer to cover the edges of the plywood you selected. For this example you would need six 15-inch strips and six 50.75-inch strips. Always read and follow the instructions on the package of veneer tape for correct ironing procedures. In most cases you will simply place the tape along the edge and use a hot iron to melt the glue. Allow it to set for an hour or so before working with the plywood.

Step 2: Finishing and Staining

Sand the plywood down first with medium grit sandpaper to get the surface ready to accept the stain or paint. If you are using wood stain, apply the stain to the wood, wait for it to soak for several minutes, then wipe it off with a lint-free towel. Apply the polyurethane to the wood to seal and protect the stain. If you are painting the wood, begin with a primer. Allow the primer to dry and then apply the paint. Wait for one coat to dry prior to applying a second coat.

Step 3: Attaching the Hinges

Place the three sheets of finished plywood side by side on the floor with the finished side up. Use your measuring tape to measure and mark 10-inches from the top and from the bottom of each side of the center panel. Place a hinge at each of the marked spots and secure in place with a series of screws. Now, measure the distance between the top and bottom hinges and place the remaining hinges in the center of the other two hinges. Next, make sure that each panel is lined up and even. Attach the hinges to the side plywood panels with screws.

Step 4: Adding the Mirrors

Take great care in working with the mirrors. Take masking tape and place on the mirrors from one corner to another forming an "X". This will help prevent shards of glass in case you drop the mirror. Now, turn the plywood assembly over so that the unfinished side is facing up. Measure your mirrors carefully and place those measurements on the finished plywood. Next, apply the mirror adhesive to the wood and carefully place your mirrors on top of the adhesive and press the mirror panels down. Remove the tape and clean the mirror. Allow the adhesive to set before standing the assembly up.