DIY Tips for Rustproofing a Car DIY Tips for Rustproofing a Car

Undertaking the work necessary for rustproofing a car will ensure that it remains looking good and will reduce the risk of larger repair bills down the line. Preventing rust from developing is as essential part of the car maintenance routine, to ensure the car remains roadworthy.

Protect Paintwork

Keeping the paintwork conditioned and protected with the use of properly applied wax can go some way to rustproofing car bodywork. After washing and drying with non-abrasive cleaning solutions and equipment, apply a suitable wax and work it in with a buffing machine. This process will provide long-term results, enabling you to maintain the paintwork with a hand buff.  


In the event that the car’s paintwork has undergone repair, make sure that this is finished properly with a suitable sealant. Even after projects that seem minor, such as dent removal or paint touchups, rustproofing a car must still be undertaken by treating the area where the top layer of paint has been affected.     


Where possible, protect the car from the elements that can cause corrosion. For example, if you live in a highly polluted area, store the car in a garage or car port. Similarly, if you live by the sea, rustproofing a car can involve the use of a car cover to prevent the salt in the air from causing damage.

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