DIY Tree Cutting

Sometimes tree cutting is necessary to clear a certain part of land that needs renovation or repair. Although trees can be an attractive addition to a home, it might also intrude on a neighbor’s land, which may lead to disputes. Tree cutting is usually left to professionals who can do it quickly and safely, but hiring a professional has its costs. If you prefer doing it yourself, you need to be prepared for the job. Here are some things you need to keep in mind before cutting trees yourself.

Assess the Tree

Look at the size of the tree and its location. Regardless of what size the tree is, it will likely fall and cause some damage to anything in its way. Clear the area surrounding the tree and plan out which branches to cut off. Check if the tree has protruding roots that also need cutting since large roots can cause accidents and falls.

Acquire the Necessary Permissions

Inform your local authorities of your plans to cut the tree down, and inquire about any permits that you might need for this job. Some states do not allow cutting down any trees without the necessary permits; therefore, it is best to inform the authorities of your plans to do so. You should also inform your neighbors that you plan to cut a certain tree down since the tree might be somewhere on or near your neighbor’s property.

Prepare the Tools 

Prepare the safety gear that you will use for tree cutting. The essentials are goggles and thick, rubber gloves that will protect your eyes and your hands, respectively, from sawdust and any debris that might dislodge from the tree in the process of cutting the branches. Usual tree cutting tools are saws and chainsaws, but you should also have pruning shears to cut off any small branches that can get in the way.

Check the Weather

Check for a date when the weather is clear and when wind will not get in the way of your tree cutting. Strong winds can tip your ladder off balance, or it can blow branches to your direction while you are cutting, which might lead to accidents and injuries.

Ask a Friend to Help You

Inform a friend or a family member that you are cutting a tree at a certain date so that they might accompany you while you perform the task. It is best to have someone around while you are in the process of cutting down a tree so there will be someone to help you in the event that any accidents occur. An important factor involved in cutting trees is safety, and you should always keep that in mind. Having a friend around to help you is the best way to make sure that you do not end up helpless in the case of an accident.


Cut the branches first before cutting the tree down to minimize the chance that the tree will hit anything on its way down. Keep safety and the possibility of danger in mind when tree cutting. The best person to accompany you in such a situation is a friend who already has experience with tree cutting. Do not forget to wear your safety gear when doing this job.