DIY Wedding Candy Apples

What You'll Need
Corn syrup
Red food coloring
Candy apple sticks
Waxed paper
Sauce pan
Candy thermometer
Edible decorations
Dark chocolate
White chocolate
Clear plastic gift boxe

Wedding candy apples can make a beautiful, sweet-tasting favor. These homemade treats are simple to make and easy on the wedding budget.

Step 1 - Preparing the Apples

Decide on the type of apple that you want to use for your favors. Remember the larger the apples, the more sauce you will need to coat them. Be sure you have at least one apple for every guest that will be attending your wedding. The apples should be thoroughly washed and dried. The apple stems will also need to be removed. Insert the sharpened ends of the sticks into the stem areas of the apples.

Step 2 - Making the Candy Sauce

This candy sauce will cover about 8 small to medium sized apples. Pour 1½ cups of water into the sauce pan. Stir in 1¼ cups of corn syrup to the water. Place the sauce pan on a burner and heat water sugar solution at a medium heat level. When the mixture begins to boil, turn the burner setting to high. Place the candy thermometer into the mixture and heat until the temperature reads 283 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use a metal spoon to stir in 1 teaspoon of the red food coloring. Allow the temperature to rise to 300 degrees. Remove the sauce pan from the burner, and allow the mixture to sit for 2 minutes.

Step 3 - Dipping the Apples

Cover a baking sheet with waxed paper. Place each of the apples with sticks onto the waxed paper. Immerse one of the apples into the sauce. Move the apple around so that it becomes entirely covered. Allow any excess sauce to drip from the apple back into the pan.

Place the dipped apple back onto the waxed paper. Continue dipping the apples until you have used all of the sauce in the pan. Decorate the apples when the sauce is still warm as the decorations will stick better to warm sauce.

Step 4 - Decorating the Candy Apples

Consider using sprinkles and edible decorations that compliment your wedding them. Try and stay away from any decorations that contain nuts. Place the decorations into a bowl. Take a dipped apple from the waxed paper and carefully roll it into the decorations. Place the decorated apple back onto the waxed paper. Continue decorating the rest of the apples until the entire baking sheet is finished. Place the baking sheet of decorated apples into the fridge. Once the apples have been cooled, you can use a dark or white chocolate for more decoration.

Step 5 - Writing on the Candy Apples

Practice the lettering you will use and the text you want to write before you begin applying the letters to the apples. Attach a fine tip to an icing bag. Fill the bag with warm chocolate. The apples should look similar so try and keep the text the same style and size. When you have finished with the lettering, place the candy apple onto a baking pan with a fresh sheet of waxed paper. Continue with the rest of the apples and then put the baking sheet back into the fridge.

Step 6 - Wrapping the Candy Apples

Wrap each of the sticks with a decorative ribbon. Place each of the decorated candy apples into a clear box. If clear boxes are out of your budget range, use a clear or semi-transparent plastic wrap on your candy apples. Once the apples have been wrapped, place them back into a cool space. These favors must be kept cool until the wedding day.