DIY Welcome Mats That Will Make You Glad to Come Home

A front door mat made by wood slices.
  • 1-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 10-100

Your home’s entryway is often the first thing guests see, and the perfect chance for you to start your decor off on the right foot. Or maybe both feet, in the case of these practical and inviting welcome mats!

A DIY welcome mat makes a great project for a lazy afternoon, and many can be made with items you already have at a home. Take a look at some of the wonderful, whimsical ways home decorators are turning handmade welcome mats into doorway statement pieces.

Beach Stone Chic

So you’ve returned from your beach trip with a bunch of new memories and pockets full of stone keepsakes to remind you of those special nights by the shore. But once the vacation magic wears off, it’s hard to know what to do with those oceanic mementos. Luckily, there’s this DIY stone welcome mat, so you can put all those pebbles to good use and get a charming, spa-worthy entrance in return.

Home “Sweet” Home

A fruit slice mat.

Image via The House that Lars Built

Looking for a way to dress up a boring jute rug? A circular mat cut in half and spray painted gets you two DIYs for the price of one. Coming in at a mere twenty or so dollars, this is one craft project you can definitely afford. With looks this sweet and this simple, it can be summer all year long! Just be prepared: this project may cause you to work up an appetite!

Upscale Rustic

Nothing says “welcome home” like a rugged wooden mat with bright, colorful accents. This piece, built from inexpensive 2x2’s and held together with cheerful sisal rope, makes for a fun afternoon project working with the power tools. The finished product looks professional enough to fool even the most discerning eye!

Braided Rope Rug

Braided rope rug.

Image via Martha Stewart

Leave it to Martha Stewart to design a welcome mat that’s both elegant and simple. This braided specimen looks a lot fancier than it is. Made from the same woven nylon rope for sale at any hardware store, it’ll class up your interiors while using affordable, unexpected materials.

Homemade Wood Slice Mat

With summer nearly over and fall on its way, the change in the seasons has got us looking forward to all things cozy. This boot tray, fashioned from leftover scrap logs sliced into pieces, is the perfect way to prepare while you wait for the days of wood fires and flannel blankets to return. Coming in from the cold has never looked so good!

Garden Hose Redux

A garden hose mat.

Image via Mark Kintzel

Having a mud porch takes some of the effort out of cleaning the floors—but your home’s back door entryway may not be the best place for a fancy homemade rug. This clever little project takes a leaky garden hose and transforms it into a lovely doormat that’s as fanciful as it is functional. The best part is it’s definitely waterproof!

There you have it: a DIY welcome mat, no matter where your tastes lie. With so many adorable ways to say “welcome home,” you’ll wish your house had more doors to decorate!

Coiled Rope Rug

A design-forward take on the traditional braided rope rug, this little homemade number is a well-rounded way to add some whimsy to your front door decor. Made with craft store classics like jute rope and a glue gun, this item brings home the chic, boutique-worthy ambience without tying your wallet in knots.

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