DIY Window Repair DIY Window Repair

Window repair is less expensive then replacing a broken window.  Broken windows can occur for many reasons including wind damage, flying objects or window malfunctions. You can pay someone to do the window repair or fix the broken glass yourself. Always wear safety glasses and work gloves.

Step 1 – Window repair for broken glass

Both large and small windows can be repaired in the same way. However, the safest way to attempt window repair on a large windowpane is to remove the entire window and place it on a flat surface. 

Cracked glass is easily broken out by gently tapping on it with a small hammer.  You can prevent flying glass by covering the window with a cloth.  If the glass shatters, use your hands or pliers to pull the shards out of the windowpane.

Save the glazier points (small triangles) since they are needed to hold the glass in the window frame.  If you cannot save the old glazier points they can be purchased at the hardware store.

Step 2 – Removing putty from window frame

After taking out the glass, continue the window repair by removing the putty from the window frame.  Use a wood chisel, putty knife or jack knife along with a heat gun to accomplish this task. A heat source will help soften the putty, but be careful not to burn the wood frame.  During the window repair, take your time to carefully scrape out the putty without damaging the window frame.

Step 3 – Measuring window glass

The most important part of home window repair is making sure that the glass will fit the window frame.  To insure that the new glass is cut to the correct size, measure the glass with a folding rule or yardstick.  Allow 1/8” clearance on all sides.

Step 4 – Inserting glass

Once all of the old putty is removed, coat the window frame with linseed oil before applying a thin layer of new putty.   

Complete the home window repair by pressing the glass into the putty and then inserting the glazier points.  Push them point down with a screw driver or hammer into the window frame.  Apply putty around the glass and then paint the seams between the glass, putty and wood to seal.

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